By Western Slope Dental Center
November 13, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

White fillings, composite fillings, resin fillings, cosmetic fillings: there are lots of names for this tooth-colored material that hides the Smiletreatment you need to repair a cavity. No matter what you call them, tooth-colored fillings are not only a great investment in your appearance, but your overall dental health as well. Here at Western Slope Dental Center in Grand Junction, CO, your dentists, Brandon Berguin, Kira Funderberk, and William Berguin, are proud to offer these fillings as an option for their patients. Read on to learn more!


What are tooth-colored fillings made of?

Composite starts as a thick putty-like material that is made from pulverized glass and plastic. This allows your Grand Junction dentist to shape the material into the space where the decay once was, sealing off the tooth and making it whole again. The composite material is then "cured" with a special light, hardening it into tooth-colored ceramic.


What are the benefits of tooth-colored fillings?

The most obvious advantage of composite fillings is their ability to blend in with the teeth surrounding them. During treatment, your Grand Junction dentist will carefully match the composite material to the natural color of your teeth, allowing your filling to be practically invisible once it's completed. People with metal allergies or other sensitivities also don't have to worry about adverse reactions with the ingredients in tooth-colored fillings. Composite has also shown to bond better with the enamel surrounding it, strengthening the tooth and greatly reducing the possibility of decay forming beneath the filling.

Furthermore, in many industry studies, the makeup of composite fillings has been found to be comparable to traditional metal-amalgam in terms of how long they last. How you care for your tooth-colored fillings will have a big impact on their longevity, however. Avoid excessively sticky or crunchy foods to prevent dislodging your filling, and always stay current with your Grand Junction dentist by scheduling check-ups twice a year. After all, with proper care, your filling can last for over 15 years!


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